COVID-19 Safety Plan Update: Kettle River Canoes – Wood-Canvas Canoe Repairs

June 6, 2020


Background: According to information provided by the World Health Organization, COVID-19 is a highly contagious respiratory disease which results in death for about 3.4% of those infected with the Coronavirus. Of those who have died from COVID-19, almost three-quarters are 65 years of age or older and 99% of those had pre-existing health conditions. The spread of the Coronavirus is amplified by the fact that infected people can transmit the virus for 5 – 14 days before they show any symptoms. Until a vaccine is readily available, the vast majority of the general public is susceptible to infection. Therefore, Kettle River Canoes (KRC) will implement a safety plan to reduce transmission of the virus.

Personal Context: My wife, Christy, is 70 years old. She is dealing with Lupus (immune system disorder in which the body attacks itself). She suffered a stroke (2018), has had open-heart surgery to replace the large valve on the left side of her heart (2018) and has had kidney failure three times (2016, 2017 and 2018). I am 66 years old and have chronic bronchitis. If either of us were to contract the Coronavirus, the effects on our health would be serious.

Safety Plan: KRC will open for business on June 8, 2020. Clients and the public will be allowed into the shop by appointment only. Most clients of KRC are located outside the local region (more than 50 kilometers from Grand Forks, BC). We ask you to avoid traveling to Grand Forks until further notice. If you must travel, we will check on your health with a general questionnaire. We ask you to stay home if you are sick (i.e. high fever, persistent cough, difficulty breathing). Your time in the shop will be kept to a minimum in order to deliver a canoe for restoration or pick-up a completed canoe. When you enter the shop, hand-sanitizer will be provided for you. While in the shop, we ask you to avoid touching any and all surfaces. We will maintain the recommended 2-meter physical distance from you at all times. In-Store purchases will be done via credit card and the Square Reader app on my iPhone. The iPhone will be wiped with sanitizer after each transaction. Toilet facilities are present at KRC but will not be made available to the public.

Updates to the Plan: KRC will operate according to recommendations and regular updates provided by Dr. Bonnie Henry (Provincial Health Officer for British Columbia). Consequently, our safety plan may change as the situation changes with regard to public health risks associated with the Coronavirus.

Stay home if you are sick. Stay safe. Be kind to others.


2 Responses to “COVID-19 Safety Plan Update: Kettle River Canoes – Wood-Canvas Canoe Repairs”

  1. Len Says:

    Finished my restoration of a Chestnut Prospector. Read your helpful book for suggestions and guidance.
    Just completed the Bowron Lake chain in mid August. Now taking it down to the wooden boat festival in Port Townsend to show and perhaps sell.
    The finish is likely not to your standards but am happy with the results.
    Could you suggest a range of price without seeing it? I’m thinking $2850 -$3200.
    Can you provide a direct email address so I can send a few photos?

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